Earn Prizes while supporting people and business you like.

“Everyday I certainly create value for some business sharing their link and liking their message. It’s time they give back a little bit, and I found the idea of tipping a craft of genius to start the relationship” Eva C. Ward, Goodbuzz User
“TOO MUCH TIME LOST ON FACEBOOK NO RETURN ON CASH. Goodbuzz is a smart way to monetize the time I spend on Facebook.” Daniel Akuku, Goodbuzz User
50 years ago, here is how a typical American citizen starts his day:

  • Wakes up at 6am
  • Takes break fast at 6.30am
  • Reads newspaper till 7.15am
  • Start Date:

Today, nothing has really changed, except typical American is lazier and don’t read anymore the newspaper. He wakes up at 7am, or later and start his day checking his Facebook profile or twitter stream.

Facebook and Twitter have replaced the newspaper as the premiere place where people find fresh information about what is going on in the world and around us. In fact, nowadays 75% of people discover new things because another person has shared them with them through social medias.

The publisher, editor, curator of this “new” newspaper is You. If you have a Facebook profile, or a Twitter account, you may not know that, but you become automatically an editor or a publisher (a social publisher).

You publish your thoughts and feelings, and share pieces of information that seem important to you, or you think will be useful or entertaining to your friends. Your audience is your friends, and the friends of your friends.

Today, the Facebook Newsfeed is the biggest newspaper or news portal in the world. As people spend more and more time reading your wall or stream instead of the traditional newspaper, advertisers are interested to promote their brand in your newspaper or wall aka Newsfeed.

The hitch is, these advertisers don’t know how to reach you. They can't call you. You are more than 1 billion publishers on social medias. Even if they can reach you, they don’t know to work with you, incentive you properly and develop a relationship with you.

These are the reasons why we have created GoodBuzz, a “People Agency” to help advertisers buy media from people (You), and for you to be rewarded for the time you spend finding and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

Every month, you share hundreds of companies’ links on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. for free driving traffic to their websites, making their business to grow, and making them money. This represents hours of work.

Now, many companies recognize that the time you spent finding and sharing content is precious, and are ready to give back. They will start giving tips to people who like what they are doing and spread their message out. And, is the place to get it.

What is Goodbuzz?

GoodBuzz is a promotional tool for advertisers to post their promotion then leave a tip or Prize for people who get to like what they are doing to spread their message through social networks or email.
It’s a cost effective marketing tool for the advertisers, and a new way for people to earn amazing Prize every month.

Why is GoodBuzz created?

We invented the “play format” which is a brand new advertising format for publishers and advertisers.  People love games.  So we asked ourselves, Why not use games to make advertising more fun?

Goodbuzz is the leading online platform that offers scalable play marketing solutions to brands. Goodbuzz’s Play format has more than 200 native game mechanics packaged in to help savvy advertisers accelerate word of mouth online and offline.

As a result, Goodbuzz provides advertising campaigns that are able to bring better marketing results faster with higher engagement to users.

Who is an advertiser?

An advertiser is someone who creates a promotion on Goodbuzz.

Who is a Participant?

A participants is a person who enters your promotion either on your website or through affiliate websites. At the end of the campaign, participants have a chance to be picked up as winners of the promotion Prize.
Goodbuzz builds for you a downloadable address book with the name and email addresses of the participants.

How to enter a promotion?

You can enter any promotion that suits your profile, as long as you agree with the advertiser rules, Goodbuzz terms of use, and privacy policy.
To enter a promotion, Check the “Enter” tab on the plugin or widget , and follow the instructions.

What kind of promotions to enter?

Support only products, services, and companies you feel good about and you really like things you'll promote or share even if you were not expecting to receive a tip. And, Share only things your friends and followers would appreciate, find useful, entertaining, educational, fascinating, etc.
Don't spam!

How many promotions I can support in a day?

You are not limited. However we monitor closely everything to make sure there is no spam or fraud.
Your account will be closed, and your earnings blocked if you are caught spamming, using bots or using fraudulent methods.
You are not limited. However we monitor closely everything to make sure there is no spam or fraud.
Your account will be closed, and your earnings blocked if you are caught spamming, using bots or using fraudulent methods.
Be aware, if your Facebook wall, twitter or Linkedin profile is filled with irrelevant content, your friends, followers and connections will hate you, hide your posts, or unfollow you. Therefore your efforts won't yield much result and you'll be disappointed.
Be reasonable and responsible and choose carefully what you promote.
Be reasonable and responsible and choose carefully what you promote.

Can you be blocked?

Yes. An Advertiser could block a participant or remove him from the winner list. In this case you won't share in the prize offered, and you won't be able to promote in the future this Advertisers campaigns. We (GoodBuzz admins) could block you too if you are trying to ruin the fun we are having all here. Do you want to ruin the fun?

What is a Prize?

A prize is a product or service, virtual or physical, that advertisers give away to entice people to enter and support their campaigns.

How winner are selected?

There are 3 basic ways for winners’ selection:

  • Random: Winners are picked up randomly at the end of the promotion or instantly after they have reached a number of points required by the promotion.
  • Top Sharers: Winners are selected based on total number of points they have gathered. The participants with the highest number of points are automatically selected as winner.
  • Judged contest: Winner are selected after a judge or a committee will evaluate the participants’ submissions and points. 

What is a bonus?

Some advertisers award bonus Prize to participants or winners when they are really satisfied with the campaign results. The best participants will receive those bonus Prizes.

What is a lead?

A lead is unit of measure we use to compare the value each participant in a promotion contest is providing to the Advertiser.  Two-values system is used: Points and leads
- Points are of 2 kinds:
1. Earned Points by doing actions required by advertisers
2. Bonus Points by doing extra action no required to enter a contest like sharing
- Leads are:
1. The number of visits (from shared links) generated by the actions done by the participant
2. The number of new participants into contest from the actions done by the participant

The combination of Points and leads will increased the possibility of winning the prize in the case of contest.

  • Random selection will be done among the people who are on the top
  • Top sharer selection will use above data for selection
  • Judged contest could use the data as well.

When are the Prize distributed?

A notification is sent to winners at the end of each campaign. Some campaigns are for Instant win, it means winner are automatically selected after they have reached a number of points defined by the promotion.

I’m a winner, but the advertiser is not responding. How can I get my Prize?

If you have been notified as winner but the advertiser is not responding to your Prize claim, send us a complain message at support@goodbuzz.net, with your winner code and the name of the promotion.

15. How many things I can promote everyday on my wall?

Your Facebook wall belongs to you, as your twitter stream belongs to you. We don’t have the right to tell what you have to do with them. You can promote as much campaign as you want but keep in mind to share only relevant content with your friends unless you want people to hide your your posts on Facebook or unfollow you completely on twitter.

16. What things should I promote? How to chose?

On social medias, people like educational, funny, entertaining content, but also love to receive local information on discounts, deals, and special offers.
The following list of products sold locally or worldwide work well:

  • Clothing, Accessories, Shoes
  • Art, handcrafts
  • Jewelry
  • Edibles, recipes
  • Housewares
  • Toys, Games
  • Health & Beauty
  • Music, Film & Video
  • Books & Zines
  • Petitions, Political campaigns,
  • Nonprofits campaigns
  • Science & New Technology
  • Business name
  • How-to’s contents

Spreading news and promotions inside the above categories is highly perceived as adding value to the conversation on social medias, not spamming or pushing advertising.

17. How can I maximize my gains?

Pick and share relevant promotions.
Spread them using several channels (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, email, ...)
Grow your audience on your blog, twitter or Facebook
Visit the promotions marketplace to check out the best tipping promotions
Check your statistics to educate your self about what works best for your profile.

18. List of forbidden things?

You should not use GoodBuzz to engage in any forbidden or unlawful activity.
You should respect the terms of use of third parties services or tools you are using to spread your messages.
You should no spam.
You should not ask your friends or people to click on your shared links to receive more leads.
You should not use bots or automatic script or proxy to try to gains leads in expenses of advertisers and other users. You’ll lose your tips and your account will be frozen.
Be Good!

Here is your information:

Additional information could be found on our FAQ page.

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