Dear Facebook Representative, Welcome!

We have written this letter specially for you to help you understand our business and practices, and more specifically to give you information about how we comply to Facebook Policy, Section IV.1 "You must not incentivize users to use (or gate content behind the use of) Facebook social channels, or imply that an incentive is directly tied to the use of our channels"

Kindly, our intention is to avoid possible misunderstanding, and safeguard our small business from any action that could derive. We love Facebook, and personally, I spend a lot time using it. Check my time spend there for proof. Here is my profile:

What is Goodbuzz?

We consider Facebook users as social publishers, in the same way as people using Tumblr, Posterous, Blogger, Twitter, Google+. They create account and use these tools to publish their opinion, thought, feelings and share interesting things they've discovered across the web with friends and followers.

These social publishers are the new curators, editors, publishers of our era. Collectively they create and contribute to nurture the biggest and the most valuable media and news portal on earth: the Facebook NewsFeed.

Some of these social publishers contribute very little, but some other spend a lot of time finding, curating and sharing content or updating their profile with interesting notes and photos.

We all agree that these new publishers are not like the traditional publishers, however every month, they share millions of companies' links and content on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. for free driving traffic to these companies' websites, making their business to grow, and in the end making them money.

Slowly, many companies begin to recognize that the time these publishers spend finding and sharing their content is precious, and are ready to give back. They give tips, like in restaurants and bars, to people who happen to like what they are doing and spread their message out. GoodBuzz is the platform for companies that receive value from the sharing of their content to give back to their supporters.

Do we incentive people to share on Facebook?

No. Sharers or supporters don't receive any point, tip or reward for sharing specifically on Facebook. Sharing on Facebook is an option, and one of the 15 ways/channels to spread the message about the events, brands and promotions they like. No one is required to share on Facebook, there is no automatic posting on user's profile, and the simple act of sharing on Facebook doesn't imply receiving or sharing a tip.

In fact, no incentive is directly tied to sharing on Facebook. We NEVER reward the sharing. People are given a content with a unique link they can send out to people in any way they want, not necessarily through the use of an integration point with Facebook.

As said above, there is no automatic posting on user's profile, and all sharing through Goodbuzz is done manually. Sharer can use the "Share" or "Send" button, or manually copy and paste a content or a URL to their Facebook profile.

By the way, Goodbuzz works best for companies that people love, the companies which content people share anyway.

Long term value');?>

Brands are willing to share the value Facebook sharers, and other platform sharers are creating for them, and we have discovered that giving tips, which is the most widespread social gift system, is well perceived by brands, advertisers and social publishers.

Also, the more value smart sharers receive from using Facebook, the more they value Facebook, as they spend lot of time creating content for Facebook. Goodbuzz adds value, and with the progressive maturity of social publishing and further competition in the area, users will be highly attracted to platforms that give them the opportunity to share in the value they contribute to create.

How do we deal with spam

We control spam at 3 levels:

1. the tip a sharer receive depend on how his friends like the content he shares. If his friends don't like what he shares, he will receive no tip, and he will be discouraged or will be more aware about the kind of content to share.

2. we provide education to our sharers about what kind of content they might share and what are the best ways to find and share valuable content with their friends

3. we educate our advertisers and brands about what kind of content people share on social medias and how they should frame their promotions to align themselves with the best practices.

Finally, we are willing to work directly with Facebook team on any issue that might arise.

Dear representative, your time is precious, so I won't abuse it with further explanation. If you need more information or detail, please contact me at this email or call me at these numbers: UK : +44 20 8144 8669 / USA: +1 650 681 9805.

I will promptly respond and work with you over any issues that may arise.

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