What is Goodbuzz?

Goodbuzz is the leading online platform that offers scalable play marketing solutions to brands. Goodbuzz’s Play format has more than 200 native game mechanics packaged in to help savvy advertisers accelerate word of mouth online and offline.

More concretely, Goodbuzz help you create yourself a plugin that you could embed on your website or other people website to get increase your traffic, generate new leads or build your mailing list.

Goodbuzz is easy to use, safe for brand, affordable, and delivers better marketing results faster.

How it works?

You create you account at Goodbuzz, and click on the button “Start a promotion” or “New promotion”. Then a form will appear that will help you create yourself a plugin or widget that you’ll embed on your website.
You have to select and customize one or several the 7 interactive play formats that will be integrated into your plugin or widget.  You’ll also have to choose the prize you want to use to entice people to interact with your campaign. The prize must be attractive, appealing; otherwise there will be no incentive for people to participate and share your campaign.

How much Interactive play to include in one campaign?

There are 7 gamification themes in Goodbuzz covering more than 200 granular events for user engagement:

  • Visit us: Ask users to visit a shop or a website and interact with specific content or item - online & offline 
  • Follow us: Ask users to join emailing list, like FB page, subscribe to Youtube channel, Join a Linkedin Group, Follow on Twitter, Add to circle on G+, etc.
  • Share this: Ask user to share a content 
  • Play game: offer entertainment to your users while attaining some branding and leads generation goals 
  • Poll and Survey: get customers insights 
  • Watch video or listen to music: use multimedia content to achieve marketing goals 
  • Photo contests: user submits photos and files during a contest 

We advise advertisers to use about 3 different themes.  5 should be a maximum.

What is number of entries or number of participants?

Number of entries or number of participants is the total number of people with unique email address who entered a promotion, either on the advertiser’s website or from the advertisers affiliates websites.
Each Goodbuzz plan or package has a threshold or limit of number of participants who could enter. Before you’ll start a  new promotion, you’ll be prompted to select your desired plan.');?>

What happen if the limit of number of participants is reached?

When the limit of the plan you have selected for your promotion is reached, your promotion will be immediately stopped. A message is sent  to inform you that your promotion has reached the maximum number of participants and therefore has been stopped. The promotion could be resumed by adding credit to the campaign.

Is Goodbuzz for me?

  • If you are an online retailer with a webshop or an Etsyshop, and you are struggling to attract enough customers, GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.
  • If you are an author or publisher, and have just released a book or a great content. You want to build a large awareness to launch; GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.
  • If you have an event to promote, and needs to make sure that you fill up the seats or maximize visitors. But, after you have sent your tweets, Facebook status updates and emailed your friends and contacts, you still can’t seem to fill up the seats. GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.
  • If you are a musician or artist, and you have just released your album or piece of art, and want to start your promotion, GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.
  • If you are a startup, and you have just released a new product, and you would like a maximum of people to know there is something new and valuable in the marketplace; GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.
  • If you are a passionate designer, artist, artisan, or handcrafter, and you want the world to know about your talent and your work (photography, jewelry, pottery, quilts, crafts, home decor, furniture, tole painting, fiber art, and miniatures, etc.), GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.');?>
  • If you are nonprofit, and want to leverage social medias and a grass-roots network to spread the word about your activities and raise fund, GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.

Goodbuzz is easy to use, safe for brand, affordable, and delivers better marketing results faster. When traditional methods have failed you, give GoodBuzz a try!

Who can join Goodbuzz?

Anyone could join GoodBuzz after reading and agreeing to the terms of use.
- Advertiser s could join to create a play marketing campaign.');?>
- Publisher could join to distribute advertisers’ promotion on their websites and earn more money than by traditional advertising.');?>
- Agencies or affiliates could join to receive 50% all revenue from the promotions they have created for their clients or from advertisers they have referred to Goodbuzz.');?>
- Visitors and participants could join Goodbuzz to take part in the giveaways contests and play marketing campaigns created on Goodbuzz.');?>

Why is GoodBuzz created?

People living near train lines find ways to adjust to the noise … They barricade their windows, use ears plugs when they need peace of mind.

Now, consumers treat advertising just like the noise of those trains. They use ad-blockers, mail filters to tune out the marketing noise, and actively ignore all the flashing advertising – That’s called "advertising blindness".

It means a text ad or a banner will be displayed five to 50-thousand times before a single person will click on it. It takes longer time to reach consumers, and even when they're reached, there's no promise they will respond.

Solving that problem is the big idea behind GoodBuzz. Goodbuzz is a new way to achieve better marketing results faster using games.

How do I contact GoodBuzz staff?

  • USA, Palo Alto
  • +1 650 681 9805
  • UK, London
  • +44 20 8144 8669



Who is an advertiser?

An advertiser is someone who creates a promotion on Goodbuzz.

Who is a Participant?

A participants is a person who enters your promotion either on your website or through affiliate websites. At the end of the campaign, participants have a chance to be picked up as winners of the promotion Prize.
Goodbuzz builds for you a downloadable address book with the name and email addresses of the participants.

Why can't I change my promotion?

Once a promotion is published it's not allowed to change or cancel it.

Why is there a red dot in front of my promotion?
The red dot is displayed when a promotion is not yet activated (which means the promotion code is not yet embed on any website or the promotion tracking has not yet started) OR when the promotion has expired (which means the promotion has ended and winners has been selected, or the promotion has reached the limit of number of allowed participants).

What does the green dot in from of my promotion means?
The green dot means the promotion is currently running, which means the code has been embed at least on one website and the participants could enter the promotion contest.

Can I choose who could enter my campaign?

A promotion could be entered only on the websites where the plugin or widget is displayed.  You can’t however choose or know in advance the particular individuals who will enter the promotion.

Can I click, promote or enter my promotion?

Yes. However, you'll not be included into participants list, and you won't be selected as winner at the end of the promotion.

I’ve noticed that some people have entered my promotion several times, what to do?

If you find duplicate entries, you could remove those entries. If the promotion is already over, and winners have been selected, you still could check the ID of the winners and reject any false Prize claim.

What to do if my promotion is not receiving a lot of support?

There are many possible reasons why a promotion won't receive a lot of support. The lack of support may depend on what you are promoting, how your message is worded, the illustrations you’ve chosen, etc.

While creating your promotion, pay careful attention to your headline or title; also format neatly your content and use images and/or videos. In short Be attractive.

Special offers, discounts, deals, coupons, good causes, original, fun, entertaining, educational or exotics things work very well. etc. Avoid corporate verbiage. Engage directly people with simple words.

Ask people to share your promotion. Ask for it in your promotion page, and ask for it by email or tweet.
By the way, you can ask your friends and contacts to help promote your content.

Additionally, you can display your promotion on relevant affiliates and partners websites. Click “Add credit” under your promotion to upgrade your account to receive additional visibility.

What are the forbidden products or service to promote on GoodBuzz?

Porn, drugs, hate and violent content, illegal activities, scam or any activity that will harm other people life and property are forbidden. This prohibited products list is not exhaustive and you must ensure that you are legally able to publish, distribute or sell each item included in your promotions.');?>

Why my promotion is not on the front page nor is it featured?

We feature on the front page and at some specifics place on the website promotions for which the advertisers have paid an extra Visibility fee. If you want extra visibility for your promotions, go to "Your promotions" page under "Advertisers" menu, and click the link "Add credit", or select appropriate options during your promotion creation.

How long will it take for my purchased visibility options to be activated?

Publishers have 24 hours to accept or deny your ad, and as soon as he/she approves it, your ad will go live.

I purchased an ad, but it is not appearing on the site?

There may be a few reasons for this: If it says "Pending" next to the ad in your account, this means that the publisher has not yet approved the ad.

How do I print invoices for my transactions?

An invoice is sent to you from PayPal after your purchase. But, you also can login and go to your Account by clicking your account name on the top right of the site and then click Transaction History. You can view all your transactions history there.

What are estimated impressions?

The estimated impressions numbers are self-declared by the publishers. It’s an indication that helps you decide where to purchase ad space. Your account will be only charged based on actual impressions numbers or numbers of people who have entered your promotions campaigns. 

I just purchased visibility plan form an affiliate website, but I do not see the affiliate website in my account dashboard yet.

When you purchase an ad space, the publisher has 24 hours to approve the ad. Once the ad is approved and is live, it will appear in your dashboard.

Can I add more credits to my campaign?

Yes. To do this, you just login and click on Add credit, and you can purchase additional service from the next page that will be displayed. You can upgrade your Goodbuzz plan or buy more visibility services.

How do I cancel a promotion?

Promotions cancellation is not allowed after they have been launched. You could of course remove the plugin from your website, but the promotion will proceed till the end date and winners will be selected. You’ll not be refunded for any purchase done at Goodbuzz. 


How to enter a promotion?

You can enter any promotion that suits your profile, as long as you agree with the advertiser rules, Goodbuzz terms of use, and privacy policy.
To enter a promotion, Check the “Enter” tab on the plugin or widget , and follow the instructions.');?>

What kind of promotions to enter?

Support only products, services, and companies you feel good about and you really like, which means things you\'ll promote or share even if you were not expecting to receive a tip or prize. And, Share only things your friends and followers would appreciate, find useful, entertaining, educational, fascinating, etc.
Don't Spam!');?>

How many promotions I can support in a day?

You are not limited. However we monitor closely everything to make sure there is no spam or fraud.
Your account will be closed, and your earnings blocked if you are caught spamming, using bots or using fraudulent methods.
Be aware, if your Facebook wall, twitter or Linkedin profile is filled with irrelevant content, your friends, followers and connections will hate you, hide your posts, or unfollow you. Therefore your efforts won't yield much result and you'll be disappointed.
Be reasonable and responsible and choose carefully what you promote.

Can you be blocked?

Yes. An Advertiser could block a participant or remove him from the winner list. In this case you won't share in the prize offered, and you won't be able to promote in the future this Advertisers campaigns. We (GoodBuzz admins) could block you too if you are trying to ruin the fun we are having all here. Do you want to ruin the fun?


What is a Prize?

A prize is a product or service, virtual or physical, that advertisers give away to entice people to enter and support their campaigns.

How winner are selected?

There are 3 basic ways for winners’ selection:

  • Random: Winners are picked up randomly at the end of the promotion or instantly after they have reached a number of points required by the promotion.
  • Top Sharers: Winners are selected based on total number of points they have gathered. The participants with the highest number of points are automatically selected as winner.
  • Judged contest: Winner are selected after a judge or a committee will evaluate the participants’ submissions and points. 

What is a bonus?

Some advertisers award bonus Prize to participants or winners when they are really satisfied with the campaign results. The best participants will receive those bonus Prizes.

What is a lead?

A lead is unit of measure we use to compare the value each participant in a promotion contest is providing to the Advertiser.  Two-values system is used: Points and leads

- Points are of 2 kinds:
1. Earned Points by doing actions required by advertisers
2. Bonus Points by doing extra action no required to enter a contest like sharing

- Leads are:
1. The number of visits (from shared links) generated by the actions done by the participant
2. The number of new participants into contest from the actions done by the participant

The combination of Points and leads will increased the possibility of winning the prize in the case of contest.

  • Random selection will be done among the people who are on the top
  • Top sharer selection will use above data for selection
  • Judged contest could use the data as well.

What kind of Prize to use?

A good definition of our audience will help you know what kind prize to attach to your promotion. Women with a newborn would love to receive a huge discount on pampers diapers, or will fiercely compete to win “1 year Free supply of pampers diapers delivered to their door”. Startup founders will fiercely compete to win a $1000 Facebook ads credits or Google Adwords credits.
Chose your price regarding the intrinsic motivation of your target audience, and keep in mind to select a prize that could be somehow related to your brand.

  • If you are an event organizer, give away tickets to an upcoming event.
  • If you are an artist give away a special pass or an exclusive access to your new album or video, or a VIP access to your lodge during your concert.
  • If you are etsy seller, give away few handmade crafts from your store. etc.
  • If you are graphic designer, give away free banner design or free website review, etc.

Here are few more ideas of prizes you can think of.

  • Exclusive access or pass to very high profile events
  • Something very expensive or with lifetime value: like a home, a car, a carbon or titanium road bike,  etc.
  • Money: in form of cash or Store gift like (Amazon gift card, Apple store gift card, etc.),
  • Discount or Free credits for highly demanded items,
  • Newly released products,
  • Free publicity, free website/blog review, free consultation, etc.

A caution here. It’ll be inefficient to use your own startup product for a giveaway when no one knows about you, or your brand is not strong enough to entice a lot of people.

When are the Prize distributed?

A notification is sent to winners at the end of each campaign. Some campaigns are for Instant win, it means winner are automatically selected after they have reached a number of points defined by the promotion.

I’m a winner, but the advertiser is not responding. How can I get my Prize?

If you have been notified as winner but the advertiser is not responding to your Prize claim, send us a complain message at, with your winner code and the name of the promotion.

Please keep in mind, the advertisers is solely responsible of providing the Prize to you.  Goodbuzz will try to help you out, but we don’t guarantee that out effort will be always successful.


How do you track promotions?

We use several technics and sources to track a promotion performance. We display some vanity metrics like number of impressions, but the main things we track are:
1. Number of sharing: how many people liked your promotion and shared it
2. Number of new followers: on facebook, linkedin, twitter, email, etc.
3. Number of games played
4. Number photos or files uploaded
5. Watched video or played song
6. Visit to website, online or offline store
The main information recorded about the promotion is displayed on the statistics pages.

How do you fight fraud?

Here is a complete list of all the tools and tactics we use to fight people who want to hijack and fraud the game.
Oops! Mawuna, the Chief fraud fighter said it's not a good idea to display the list here, because it could help the bad and ugly guys.
In fact, we deploy a stealth range of tactics to catch, block, and close the account of people who engage in fraud.
Advertisers would review all participants’ entries and disqualify participants with invalid entries, double sign up, and poor reputation.
It's not worth engaging in fraudulent activities, because you chance to win is lowered every time.


What is a publisher?

A publisher is anyone who has a website, a blog, or portal that could be used to promote advertisers campaigns.
A publisher has to submit his or her website to be accepted. Only high quality websites are accepted.

What criteria do you use to accept a website?

Currently we accept only website which has more than 5000 unique visitors a month, but are also clean and reputable.

How long it takes to be approved?
We review submitted websites on first come, first served basis. Average approval time is 72 hours.

How much to charge for my ad spaces?

Each publisher is free to set price for his or her ad spaces. Advertisers would review their websites, and if they are interested, they’d make purchase accordingly.
There are 3 ways to sell ad space on your website:

  • Selling per impression. The cost per 1000 impression could go from 0.1cts to $5. Premium website would charge more on a range of $5 to $18.
  • Selling per period. The promotion is displayed for a period of 15 days or 30days, with an estimate of number of impressions the advertiser could expect. A 30 days promotion could cost from $50 to $900. Premium website would charge more.
  • Selling per participants (number of participants who entered the promotion from the publisher website): The price per participant could go from 0.5cts to $2. Premium website would charge more on a range of 1 to 5 dollars.

I increased my prices, but some advertisers are still paying the old price. Why is that?

When you increase the price of an ad zone, the new price only applies to new advertisers unless you tell us to contact the current advertisers to request for them to pay the higher price as well.

I just sold an ad. Why isn't the payment from the sale in my account yet?

Publishers earning are calculated and credited to their account only at the end of each promotion. You can view in real time your ad space performance on Publisher dashboard.

How do advertisers buy ad from publisher?

Advertisers have the possibility to identify and selected publishers they are interested in during their promotion creation and buy ad space from them.
Once the purchase is done, a message is sent to the publisher to approve the sales. If the sale is approved, the publisher could access the promotion code that he or she will insert into the ad space the advertiser has purchased.
The promotion will start running on the publisher website, and Goodbuzz will start tracking the performance of the campaign against the sales.
At the end of the campaign, the publisher is paid according to the performance delivered to the advertisers.

I just approved a promotion that was sold, but the promotion is not appearing on my site.
If the promotion is appearing, you have to go to Publisher dashboard and copy and paste the promotion code into the specific ad zone on your website.

How is the publisher paid?

  • Payment are made through PayPal. A publisher could cash out his or her earning at any time.  There is no minimum.

My website was recently accepted, but I do not see any impressions estimated yet?

After your website is accepted by Goodbuzz, you will need to setup ad zones and install them on your website so that our system can start tracking impressions.

Why am I banned?

Our quality control service actively monitors all publishers’ websites and activities. We also receive feedback from advertisers and participants.
You could have been banned for one or several of the reasons below:

    • Your site quality has degraded
    • We have evidences that the participants from your websites are not human or fabricated.
    • We have evidences that the number of impressions on your website is false or artificially fabricated.
    • The profile of participants from your website doesn’t match advertisers expectation.

Why is my payment blocked?
In case of complain from advertisers regarding your website and their promotion, you payment will be blocked, and Goodbuzz Quality control team will review the claims. In case of evidence of misbehavior, your account will be locked and the advertiser will be refunded.



Advertising agencies could apply to get an agency code. Once approved, the ad agencies will receive 50% of all revenue Goodbuzz will get from the promotions they will create under their account / OR from the promotions Advertisers they have referred created on Goodbuzz. We provide the Agencies with a link they could share with their contacts and friends to bring more advertisers)

Do you offer an affiliate program for referring others to Goodbuzz?
Yes. Register and apply to get an affiliate code or Agency code.');?>


How do I cash out my earnings?

Go to you account, and click Cash out on Publisher or Agency dashboard.

How do I deposit money into my account for future use?

Go to you account, then click on your account name at the top of the page, and select “Your credits”. Fill in the form displayed the amount you want to deposit into your account. Payment are made through PayPal or any listed payment gate.

My Paypal Cashout is still in pending. How long will it take to complete?

We perform cashouts every 2-3 business days, so the time it takes for you to see the funds in your Paypal account can be anywhere from 2 - 5 business days, depending on how close your request is to our next scheduled cashout.


Can I disable my account?

No, as long as there's money in your account.

I don't want to be a part of GoodBuzz anymore. How do I delete my account?

If you really want to delete your account, Send us an email at or go to your account then click on "Delete account" link to proceed.