Information filtering is a BIG opportunity

If you are looking for ideas or industries where to start a company todays, you don’t have to think twice anymore, Information filtering is a BIG opportunity. If you can find a world class solution to that issue, you are definitely the NEXT BIG THING.

Here I’d to share with you Scott Karp‘s and  Philip Meyer‘s (Two great medias thinkers and activists I deeply admire) insights on the future of  the information industry.

We can no longer hand over the process of information filtering to an algorithm. Even if algorithms can simulate human intelligence and excel  at processing vast amounts of data by brute force, we have proof that alone they don’t have the ability to distill information from several sources into something that is meaningful. It takes human intelligence and judgment to turn a flood of information into coherent content.

The need for an editor is crystal clear.  Information filtering is a BIG opportunity, and is the likely successor of algorithm-powered filtering. The power of influence lies in the ability to FILTER the vast sea of content and put it into context.” Scott Karp

“Now that information is so plentiful, we don’t need new information so much as
help in processing what’s already available. Just as the development of modern agriculture led to a demand for varieties of processed food, the information age has created a demand for processed information. We need someone to put it into context, give it theoretical framing and suggest ways to act on it.” – Philip Meyer

Finally something you’ve already read here :

The unheard voice of the consumer behind the amount of data:

“I need less data, not more data. I need to know what is important, and I don’t have time to sift through thousands of Tweets and Friendfeed messages and blog posts and emails and IMs a day to find the five things that I really need to know. People like Mike and Robert can do that, but they are weird, and even they have their limits.
So where is the startup that is going to be my information filter? I am aware of a few companies working on this problem, but I have yet to see one that has solved it in a compelling way. Can someone please do this for me? Please? I need help.» Erick Schonfeld, Editor at

What is your solution? What do you think?