One to One to Millions: The power of Befriending One Customer at a time.

In 99% of cases, when we advice business people to become consumer-empathetic, and show them the benefits and the measurable results some businesses obtained with this approach, they are fully convinced.

Then they will ask: “How it works your “consumer-empathetic” system?

The answer comes simple: Befriend your customers and contacts One at a time.

The IRaaS strategy is to change strangers into friends, friends into advocates, and advocates into customers.
It works by offering “Information as a Gift” to strangers, friends, customers and contacts.

For established companies, it works by sending your customers to other businesses for FREE and see your business flourish instantly.

The more successful your company is at recommending other companies’ products and services that are relevant to its customer’s lifestyle and needs, the more likely it is that customers will extol the virtues of your company.

They’ll reward you for it, too.

Your company gets a reputation for caring about people through this free exchange of information. When a person benefits from information you give them, they become an advocate for you. And the next time they hear someone looking for a service that your company provides, they’ll recommend you – in glowing phrases

You can’t buy that kind of advertising.

IRaaS is not a mass marketing approach. It’s, instead, a mass niche marketing system, that goes from One to one to millions clients, befriending One customer at a time and turning each befriended stranger, customer or contact into your business advocate, infecting the world with the narration of their positive experience.

This is The most powerful positive conversation Starter.

Remember, we said “to befriend one person at a time!”.
Most marketers will exclaim to this statement with astonishment and signs meaning “that’s impractical”, “that’s impossible”, “that’s not possible in our industry”, “Our business is different”…

The mere truth is that most people in marketing and advertising positions today have been trained or formatted to think that “mass marketing is the King” and have sound expertise ONLY with the “big bang” approach: to reach thousands or millions with a single message at a time.

This approach has worked, and still works for many marketers, but its efficiency and effectiveness are losing ground. Customers acquired this way are lost the same way as they came, and to build loyalty you’ll need to invest vast amount of money, and slash your profit margin to keep them happy.

There is no ending to this approach.

Our previous post “Do you have the right to advertise?” explained very clearly the moment and situation in which You have the right to advertise and for what you have the right to spend your money.
I strongly advise you to read this post. It’s one of the Best articles you could find on this blog.

Will you have the choice to embrace or not IRaaS?
The answer is clearly no…not if you want to survive and thrive.

Traditional mass loyalty programs are failed
As a species, we humans are a pretty narcissistic group.  For the most part, our goals and outlooks are very specific and very personal.  Which is why marketing methods which choose to ignore this fact and create collective incentive programs are doomed for failure.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that any incentive program that doesn’t first focus on the individual just won’t fly in today’s society.

While some may see our self-absorbed tendencies as a minus, IRaaS saw them as an opportunity to develop a system that would help people achieve their individual goals.

As marketing guru, Seth Godin puts it: “Different people have very different agendas. The key in understanding someone’s actions is understanding his or her agenda.”

That’s why most of the traditional mass loyalty programs are failed, and have become a cost center for companies. They no longer have the power to differentiate your business, as these old-fashioned incentives don’t bring a lot of value to customer.

As Anne Bologna put it “Forget Loyalty Programs; Touch hearts instead”

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