How to Promote Your Giveaway Contest?

online-contests-giveawaysFirst time giveaway contest organizers always think “I would post it on my website and share the link on Facebook or Twitter and people would immediately rush over to enter!”  Wrong. That’s never the case. If you want a lot of traffic to your giveaways and get a lot of participants, you need to invest time promoting it, and also put aside some money to pay for its distribution on several different sites and blogs.

Before we get started, some words of caution: There are numerous contests directories and giveaways aggregation portals. Don’t post your contest on those websites! First, because You can easily spend hours and hours submitting your giveaways, but may only see a handful of visits come out of your hard work.

Second, You’ll get entries but mainly from “professional” freebies seekers. They are not interested in your business. They use automated tools to enter hundreds of contest daily, and they will unsubscribe from your list instantly afterward. They are only interested in your prize, and don’t care a penny who you are, and what your business is about.

Now, here are 4 effective ways to promote your giveaway to reach the right audience and generate traffic and leads.

1. Prepare your promotion swipe file

  • Make a list of your promotion target audience (Example: Woman in their 20 in NY, Startup founders looking for funding, etc)
  • Set a quantitative goal for your promotion. What goals if achieved will make you happy? 1000 new fans? 3000 new visitors to your website? etc.
  • What Prize will you use to entice your target audience to enter your promotion contest?
  • When do you want to get the promotion started?
  • Secure a budget for your promotion creation and distribution. A $500 budget is a minimum to start with. There are free options, but they won’t take you that far!

2. Spend time to create your promotion properly

  • Create a powerful title to catch your audience attention
  • Use an attractive image to illustrate your promotion prize
  • Select a prize that will engage your target audience. Here are some tips on what prize to use for giveaway.
  • Select the time period for the promotion to run (maximum duration is 1 month)
  • Select and customize how people would enter the promotion. We advise you to use one the 7 gamification themes inside Goodbuzz, and limit the number of actions to be performed to 5 -10.
  • Customize your promotion widget color and size
  • Make your giveaway widget or plugin look Great!

3. Purchase distribution on affiliate websites

If you are a small business owner trying to use giveaway contest to drive traffic to your site and build followers, your promotion success will depend on how many affiliates you could get to distribute your promotion. Big companies understand instinctively the need of affiliates to succeed, and also dedicate significant resource to identify and educate those channels.

Inside Goodbuzz, we have built in a directory of affiliate websites organized by category, country, language, etc. Here are few tips to identity the best affiliates for your promotion:

  • First, answer the question “What audience do I want to reach?”
  • Second, identify the websites which have this kind of audience
  • Third, check monthly unique visitors, number of impressions in a month, and pricing
  • Finally, book the websites that fit your needs

After your purchase, the publishers will have to approve the sales before your promotion will start displaying on their websites. Allow up to 24H.

4. Start promoting it Yourself

Even if your promotion prize is very attractive, you still need to spend some time to promote it:

  • Post the promotion on your blog.
  • Insert a link to the promotion page into your newsletters
  • Advertise the promotion on social medias: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin (if appropriate).

Additional trick to get more participants are:

  • Excite Your Facebook Fans: announce the giveaway with big picture and call to action like “Enter to win …”
  • Try Craiglist: Yes, you can list your great giveaway on, and you might be surprised at the amount of traffic that it brings!
  • Post countdown announcement on your social medias profile and fan pages: induce a sense of urgency using phrases like ‘last day to enter!’ ‘giveaway closes tonight!’, or:
      • Only 7 days left to enter
      • Last day to enter…
      • Only 12 hours left to participate…
      • Hurry! 3 hours left in our #giveaway…
      • FinalCall – You have 15 minutes until…


How to Embed Javascript and PHP into Joomla

Embedding directly Javascript or PHP code into Joomla article Editor is forbidden or restricted by default, even if you use the “Html” window. Your code will be removed or modified after saving the page.

Now, here is a quick how-to guide to unlock those restrictions and happily insert javascript or PHP code into Joomla articles.

How to insert or embed Javascript code into Joomla

Step 1: Check what is your article Editor, and Configure it to allow script elements in your code.

The most popular Joomla article editor is TinyMCE, and by default javascript code is a “Prohibited Elements”.

Here is how to allow script elements:

  • In your administrator panel, go to Extensions → Plug-in Manager, find the ‘Editors – TinyMCE’ and click it
  • In TinyMCE options on right, find ‘Prohibited elements’ section and remove a mention of ‘script’ from it
  • Click ‘Save’


If your are using other Joomla article editors like JCK or JCE, the procedure is the same to check and edit prohibited elements in the editor settings. Go to Extensions → Plug-in Manager, find the editor and click it.

Step 2: Set up general “Text filtering” to use Javascript safely inside HTML source editor.

  • In your administrator panel Click “Site” at the top left → “Global Configuration” and click on ’Text Filters’ tab
  • Open the ‘Text Filters’ tab and select ‘No Filtering’ under your user group (it is usually ‘Super Users’)
  • Click ‘Save’


Step 3: Use the ‘HTML’ window when pasting javascript codes into HTML.

Once you have made the above changes in Joomla settings, you can now insert javascript code in Joomla editor and the corresponding widget or element will display or work without problem.


Alternative with a Joomla extension

You can alternatively install a popular Joomla extension called Sourcerer, and use its handy shortcut at the bottom of Joomla article editor to insert php or javascript.


Now, Copy and Paste the code in the new window, and click “Insert”


By following the above mentioned recommendations, you’ll be able to make Goodbuzz widget codes work inside your HTML sources in Joomla. If, however, it doesn’t help, please feel free to submit a support ticket here and we will do our best to help you.


How to Insert Javascript and PHP code into Wordress

Embedding directly Javascript or PHP code into WordPress post is forbidden or restricted, even if you use the “Html” or “Text” tab of WordPress.

Now, here is a quick how-to guide to unlock those restrictions and happily embed your javascript code into WordPress

How to insert or embed Javascript code into WordPress

1. The problem

In previous versions of WordPress, you can use the “Html” tab of WordPress editor to insert javascript or php code  into your post. You can’t do that anymore with the most recent releases. The “Html” tab has been renamed “Text”, and if you’d paste a javacsript code there, it’ll be modified by WordPress editor and your widget will probably not display correctly.

Here is an example with inserting Goodbuzz widget code into WordPress
First I click the “Text” tab to open the source code page, then I pasted the code


However, after saving the article, switching to “Visual” tab, then coming back to “Text” tab, as you can see below the WordPress editor has modified the javascript code and my widget was not displaying correctly.


2. The Solution

There are  2 great WordPress plugins you can use to overcome this limitation: Code insert and Hana code. Both are very good. I have used them and continue to use them with 5 stars satisfaction.

Step 1: Install and activate the plugin

Go to WordPress plugins page inside your admin dashboard, and click “New”. Search for “Code insert” or “Hana code insert”. Then use the automatic installation and activate them.

Step 2: Open the plugin page and Insert your javasccript code

You can access “Code Insert” with a shortcut link at the bottom of the left side bar. Hana Code could be accessed clicking on “Settings”, then selecting “*Hana Code Insert”.

Here is how the pages look like:

“Code Insert” page:

Code Insert Manager page


Here a Video Tutorial about “Code Insert”


“Hana Code Insert” page

Hana Code Insert manager page


The coolest feature of “Hana Code Insert” is the tools bar shortcut you can access at any time to embed your stored code into any post or article:



The main difference between “Coder Insert” and “Hana Code Insert” is that “Coder Insert” is automatic (once you add the code into the plugin page and save it, your widgets would start displaying automatically) while “Hana Code Insert” works more manually like a handy repository of codes you can call and insert later into your posts or widgets.


The 7 principles of Play Marketing


Play marketing is developed with a purpose to innovate in a way that brings more response from customers than traditional ways of advertising.

Here are the 7 principles of play marketing

#1. Play marketing is a friendly way to get in front of your clients

We all need an excuse to speak to a stranger. A smile, a joke, a playful accident help break the ice and eventually we have a friend for life.

Traditional advertising doesn’t follow that rule. It just interrupts people and start shouting at them. That is disrespectful. No wonder people hate advertising. Play marketing in the other hand follow that social rule, and beforehand is an excuse to have the permission from consumers to tell the story of a company or brand. In some cases it starts with simple question like “Do know which business is located at this address?”

In other cases it’s a treasure hunt experience. The starting experiences could diverse and are unlimited.Through playful interaction consumers are relaxed enough to let the advertiser have a conversation with them.

The traditional advertising based on “We have paid for this, therefore we have the right to interrupt you” will slowly fade away, as it’s not respectful of people. Permission based marketing like Play marketing will slowly grow to replace the old models.

#2. Play marketing is for customer engagement and awareness

Play marketing could deliver very good short term results; however it should not be considered as direct response tactics, but a customer engagement and awareness strategy.

Advertiser should focus more on the top of the funnel, and make it cardinal goal to create a memorable experience and brand stickiness trough their play marketing campaign.

Success should not be measured on the number of emails grabbed or the number of “like”. Focusing excessively on short terms goals could backfire as consumer would feel the advertiser insecurity.

#3. Play marketing is an amplification strategy

As a native social media format, the “play format” behind the play marketing concept helps advertiser expand the size of their social reach across new platforms.

One of the most difficult issues of an advertiser today is how to have volume faster. The play format includes social media sharing and “friend invite friend” tools that could be smartly leverage by advertisers to achieve volume faster.

“In our new world speed matters a lot. Things are changing so fast. Marketers need innovation that delivers on scale, and on speed.” Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, VivaKi.

#4. Play marketing is an opportunity to learn more about your customers

The rich format of Play marketing help advertiser to include questionnaire, quiz, survey and any other activities that help learn more about customers behaviors and preferences.

Focusing on learning creates a much deeper level of connection with customers as the format give customer voice and ways to speak back to the company or the brand.

The one-way communication and advertising model is fading, consumers want to be heard, and every unique play marketing campaign should include a consumer insight goal.

#5. Play marketing is about creating memorable experiences

In 2000, I participated in an online contest to win a Business Book organized by “Advanced Practical Thinking” company. The contest involved answering few questions and submitting the answers through an online form 12 years later, every time I see the book I won from the contest it reminds me the experience and sometimes I check back their website. Now, if I have to hire a company providing creativity and innovative thinking tools and solutions, I’d include this company in my list to request a proposal.

A recent survey found that company which engage with customers through contests and surveys in a simple and human way, are perceived to be friendlier. As the old saying goes, “All things being equal, people will do business with a friend; all things being unequal; people will still do business with a friend. “ – Mark McCormack

#6. Play marketing is about respecting the customers

After you’ve get the permission to advertise to the consumers, you should understand unequivocally that the real reason why people interact with brands via social media is expectation. They will trade their attention for a worthy content or an opportunity to win a prize.

  • Select your prize carefully. Match it to your audience persona and the current season or event.
  • Don’t ask too much in return for your prize. No more than 3 actions. 5 actions exceptionally.
  • Contact your best influencers and supporters. Make them feel special, and keep them on a special VIP list.
  • Deliver what you promise, and make sure you introduce some surprise into the journey!

 #7. Play marketing is about creativity, fun and triggering emotions

“The secret is respecting the consumer. You are interrupting their life. All advertising is unwanted, so if you’re going to crash the party, bring some champagne with you.” Bob Thacker, senior VP marketing and advertising at OfficeMax

The answer could be:

  • We want the customer to feel smart
  • We want the customer to feel special
  • We want the customer to feel heard
  • We want the customer to feel appreciated
  • We want to challenge the customer
  • We want the customer to feel grateful
  • We want the customer to laugh
  • We have the customer to learn something special
  • We want to surprise the customers
  • We want to create a special memory for the customer


Win a $199 Dominator Plan with Goodbuzz

For the launch of the new version of Goodbuzz, we are giving away a $199 Dominator Plan (up to 15,000 participants for your promotion).

Enter below for a chance to win.

With the new version you can customize colors and size of the new Play format, as below:

Additionally, the smallest size of widget 300px would go to the sidebar of your website (example at the bottom of this page):

One last innovation in our new release of the border ribbon that would display on the right or left side of the page or website for easier access by your participants. You can see the sticker ribbon in action here at

What is Play Marketing?


The new version of Goodbuzz is coming very soon has been released. We are still fixing bugs, checking links, and making sure the content looks good.

Today, we are releasing the new promotional video for Goodbuzz Play marketing solution. It starts with “why Play marketing?” is such a demand, and then showcase “how” two small businesses have successfully leveraged Play marketing solution to reach their marketing goals faster.

Here is the video. Watch it.

You can also download our Free Play marketing White paper, a 43-pages entertaining presentation of the latest trends that are shaping the advertising and marketing industry. Download here:

Download (PDF, 10.24MB)

Play Marketing: Is this the future of online Marketing?


Later this month, we will release the new version of our Play marketing solution Goodbuzz. We have completely rewritten the application to be faster but also have now integrated more than 200 new game mechanics right into the application.

The new plugin or widget is dubbed Goodbuzz “Play format” to sound cool and also contrast ourselves from the traditional display format in the marketing industry that is now losing effectiveness.

Our goal is to make advertising respect people. That’s the reason why we have invented the “play format” which is a brand new advertising format for publishers and advertisers. It’s easy to use, safe for brands, affordable, and delivers better marketing results faster.

The final date of release will be announced here. For now you can grab for Free our Play marketing White paper, a 43-pages entertaining presentation of the latest trends that are shaping the advertising and marketing industry. Download here:

Download (PDF, 10.24MB)

Alternatives to Rafflecopter

Since the last upgrade of their service, Rafflecopter, the bloggers’ favorite contest and giveaway tool, has severely damaged their relationship with their customers. Their new program is not only very buggy, but the introduction of new features and the premium account was done in a very un-professional and childish way.

The truth is that Rafflecopter has been supported by a community of bloggers from the very beginning. People have been very patient with the founders, and helped the team fix the numerous bugs in the first version of the program. But now, most of the early adopters and fans has lost faith in the team integrity and professionalism, and started looking for more reliable and professional products.

Rafflecopter ruined their customers ThanksGiving and Holidays Promotions

Here are few comments from disappointed customers:

“It was really silly to do this right before the holiday weekend – why not a month ago? Anyways I just spent 30 minutes fixing all my “blog comment” areas, and I dont know why but I can’t do anything while I am in IE….so I switched to Chrome and it worked…… sigh – Last thing I wanted to be doing today!”

“Guys, it is absolutely Un-Friendly, Un-Professional to do what you’ve done to all of us. We are the people you came to to help you to grow, to fix all bugs, to do campaigns for you. And now what? You’ve just turned your backs on All of us? And with this mess before huge campaigns and promos and giveaways and Thanksgiving, you decided to push it forward at no announcement to your fans and followers?
How can that happen?
Why did it happen?
You tossed all your friends up in the air without providing a safe landing to them.
What would you call that?”

“it would be great if you announce the updates beforhand – I run a giveaway just now and the link I´ve used doesn´t work anymore:( I came to know this from other people – late late :( (((((((((((“

“Yikes! I agree with the others…this was a HORRIBLE time to roll this new update out. We are all cranking out holiday giveaways left and right and we can’t afford for them to be screwed up like they are now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the instructions back in our giveaways for leaving a blog post comment! I just entered several giveaways that required a comment for the mandatory entry and I had no idea what the blogger wanted to see in the comment. I love Rafflecopter and you guys have always been great with customer service, but this is BAD.”

“NOT happy with this at all. WHY is the oh viral option only for businesses?! Bloggers are 98% of your business… the bigger WE get, the more we need YOU… And no paypal option? Shame on you!”

“Horrible call on the timing of this roll out. And the lack of proactive communication to your existing users indicates to me that maybe you have your sights set on a new target market? Because this is a great way to piss off and lose your current customers.”

“I finally just went and did mine in Giveaway Tools. It is alot faster and smoother. I am not waiting on these people. He kept asking me if I had emptied my cookies and then asked me to change browser. I did all those and still did not help.”

Before writing this post, I wanted to give a test to the claims, and I tried to enter the Rafflecopter own promotion at their new home page, But I can’t do that properly and got this bug “Null” displayed on my screen.


Until most of these bugs get fixed, You should stay away from Rafflecopter or remove their widget from your blog.

Alternative to Rafflecopter

There are many tools online to organize contests. Most of them are similar to Goodbuzz, and can be equally capable in helping you manage your online contests. Here are few of them:


You can all give them a trial, however if you want to go with the most simple, and the most focused on marketing results, you might give your preference to Goodbuzz. Typically, any user of Goodbuzz widget would get 30% to 50% traffic increase to his/her website in less than 30 days.

The main value of Goodbuzz is that it makes it easier for small business and event organizers to create and run a giveaway. The widget manages everything for the advertiser, from participants registration to the prize claiming. The pages are clean. The advertiser has access to all participants contacts, and also real time statistics about sharing and participation. The advertiser could also customize in advance what people will share on social medias making the impact of their campaign more powerful.

Here are some feedback we have received from our users.

“We have evidenced that GoodBuzz Share to Win solution yields 7 times more Sharing activity compared to traditional Tweet and Like this Buttons.
In addition, a single Share via GoodBuzz yields 11 Visits to our web site. We have found that integrating GoodBuzz campaign as an integral part of web site user experience is the Best way to deploy social media sharing in a fun and intuitive, and most rewarding way.”

Testimonial from – they have ran about 8 promotions with Goodbuzz:

I did see about a 30% increase in page views and visitors, but I didn’t promote it as fiercely as I should have.  I was really just giving Goodbuzz a test run to see if it would be good to use for one of my clients.
Thanks so much!

Testimonial from Christa Wojciechowski –



Giveaways for startup companies

You have worked hard and now have your startup ready to roll but how do you get the word out?  Techcrunch ignores your press release. Mashable doesn’t care about Your Crappy, Unknown, Money starving Startup. You don’t have any connections that can get you covered on the large tech blogs. After you have sent your tweets, Facebook status updates and emailed your friends and contacts, you still can’t get enough attention to build momentum for your product.

If you are a startup and you can’t get the attention of the mainstream medias and journalists, you should look for new avenues and ideas for your promotion. Why not to try contests and giveaways?

Why contests and giveaways?

First, because they are proven marketing tactics to build a brand and attract customers attention with a minimum budget. Big companies use a lot of giveaways, contests and promotions, because they know from practice that these tactics are not online effective but they work almost all the time.

Second, because giveaways are very powerful engagement tool. Contrary to “pay per click” or “display advertisement”, contests involve your target market group into your marketing process. People will give you permission to ask them to do some tasks: like to answer a survey question, to post a comment, to select their favorite product, to spread your message on social medias, etc.

Third, contests and giveaways are long term investment. You get people contacts, and you can follow up with them, provide them use useful content or further engage them with new contests.

There are few steps to follow to organize a successful giveaway contest: select your prize carefully, promote your contest at the right place, and make sure you introduce some surprise or challenge into your contest to improve participants engagement.

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