Achieve Instant Marketing Results, Taping Into The Value of sharing across the Web


“In our new world speed matters a lot. Things are changing so fast. Marketers need innovation that delivers on scale, and on speed.”
Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, VivaKi


“The number one and most important crime against marketing is “Not spending 15% of your Marketing budget, every month, on experimenting with new techniques / channels / ideas.”
Our world changes at immense speed. Consistently allocate 15% of your marketing budget trying things you don't currently do, is a better way to ensure your relevancy and fat bottom-line.”
Avinash Kaushik, Marketing guru, Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google


1. Why this guidebook?

To help advertisers understand what is Goodbuzz and discover the best ways to get rewarding results.

What is GoodBuzz?

GoodBuzz is a Play marketing platform for savvy marketers to achieve instant marketing results, taping into the economic value of sharing across the Web. Results are Instant, Measurable and Scalable.');?>

Goodbuzz is easy to use, safe for brand, affordable, and delivers better marketing results faster. When traditional methods have failed you, give GoodBuzz a try!

How does it work?

Goodbuzz helps you create yourself a plugin that you could embed on your website or other partners' websites to attract new customers, increase your website traffic, generate new customers leads or build your mailing list or twitter followers.

You create an account with Goodbuzz, and click on the button "Start a promotion" or "New promotion". Then a form would appear to help you create yourself a plugin or widget. In the end you'll receive a promotion code to embed in your website.

There are two very important things to pay careful attention to here:

First, your promotion success will depend on your selection and customization of the 7 interactive play formats available for integration into your widget. In fact, there are 7 gamification themes covering more than 200 granular events for user engagement:

  • 1. Visit us: Ask users to visit a shop or a website and interact with specific content or item - online & offline
  • F2. Follow us: Ask users to join emailing list, like FB page, subscribe to Youtube channel, Join a Linkedin Group, Follow on Twitter, Add to circle on G+, etc.
  • 3. Share this: Ask user to share a piece of content on social medias or offline
  • 4. Play game: offer entertainment to your users while attaining some branding and leads generation goals 
  • 5. Poll and Survey: get customers insights 
  • 6. Watch video or listen to music: use multimedia content to achieve marketing goals 
  • 7. Photo contests: users submit photos and files during a contest 

The second most important thing is the choice of Prize to offer to participants or players, and how many unit of the Prize you’ll giveaway. The prize must be attractive, appealing; otherwise there will be no incentive to participate in your promoting contest.

Select your visibility options. You can select your promotion to appear on Goodbuzz and some affiliates websites suggested by Goodbuzz.

Visibility options are crucial for advertisers who don't already have a lot of traffic coming to their website, or Advertisers looking to reach new audience.

Review the list of available affiliates websites from selected publishers, and purchase your promotion distribution on those sites.

You'll get greater benefit of Goodbuzz if you'll choose to distribute your promotion on carefully selected third party websites suggested by Goodbuzz. You'll get more visibility, more sharing, and better marketing result faster.

You'll have the opportunity to customize your plugin or widget. You can change background and border colors, and also the size of the widget. After customization you'll get a promotion code that you could copy and paste on any page on your website. Your plugin or widget will be activated from the moment it is pasted on active web page. The Red dot will turn into green and you'll starting seeing real time statistics from your advertiser dashboard.


4. What it could be used for?

  • You are an online retailer with a webshop or an Etsyshop, and you are struggling to attract enough customers, GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.
  • You are an author or publisher, and have just released a book or a great content. You want to build a large awareness to launch; GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.
  • If you have an event to promote, and needs to make sure that you fill up the seats or maximize visitors. But, after you have sent your tweets, Facebook status updates and emailed your friends and contacts, you still can’t seem to fill up the seats. GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.
  • You are a musician or artist, and you have just released your album or piece of art, and want to start your promotion, GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.
  • You are a startup, and you have just released a new product, and you would like a maximum of people to know there is something new and valuable in the marketplace; GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.
  • You are a passionate designer, artist, artisan, or handcrafter, and you want the world to know about your talent and your work (photography, jewelry, pottery, quilts, crafts, home decor, furniture, tole painting, fiber art, and miniatures, etc.), GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.
  • You are nonprofit, and want to leverage social medias and a grass-roots network to spread the word about your activities and raise fund, GoodBuzz could be the right solution for you.

Goodbuzz is easy to use, safe for brand, affordable, and delivers better marketing results faster. When traditional methods have failed you, give GoodBuzz a try!


Why is GoodBuzz created?

Goodbuzz is the leading online platform that offers scalable play marketing solutions to brands. Goodbuzz’s Play format has more than 200 native game mechanics packaged in to help savvy advertisers accelerate word of mouth online and offline.

We want advertising to respect people. And, GoodBuzz success comes from our unique insight into human nature, and our stance that social marketing has its own dynamics, and should not be wrapped in the old marketing clothes.

The basic concept is to put the power of games into the service of marketing and advertising to deliver better marketing results faster for advertisers.

Ultimately, our goal is to make advertising respect people.

6. What is the "Share value", and how to tap into it with confidence?

a. Sharing is Big, it's the second largest activity on the web, and the most widespread social behavior

Fig1: What people do on the Internet

b. Sharing is now bigger and more powerful than friends, followers, connections, and is poised to take over search in the next years.

Fig2: The growing importance of sharing on the Internet.


Facebook now accounts for 8.93% of all website visits in the US. All of Google's properties including YouTube, Gmail, Google accounts for 9.85% Experian Hitwise

Fig3: The Zuckerberg's Law


In 2010, people spent nearly 25% of their time on social networks (a 43% increase from 2009) compared to only 3.3% for search, and 4.4 for web portals. (Nielsen)

As an advertiser, you might be where your customers spent their time.

c. Sharing is the heart of the Web

The average consumer mentions specific brands over 90 times per week in conversations with friends, family, and co-workers. (Keller Fay, WOMMA, 2010).

You want to be among the brands mentioned, do you?');?>

When people share, they share their love for your brand, your product or service. What GoodBuzz is doing is to gives you a snaky way to accelerate this love affair, like does an invitation of a date to a great restaurant.

Unlike other social marketing solution, GoodBuzz masterfully separated itself from competition by leveraging a social incentive system (tipping) for social marketing, making advertisers and their supporters to feel at ease promptly.

d. Sharing has economical value

In a study conducted by social networking site myYearbook, 81 percent of respondents said they'd received advice from friends and followers relating to a product purchase through a social site; 74 percent of those who received such advice found it to be influential in their decision. (Click Z, January 2010)

A visitor coming from a social media site is ten times more likely to make a purchase online than an average visitor (Simply Zesty, 2010)

Majority of consumers (74%) rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions. (Gartner, July 2010)

GoodBuzz helps to close the gap between awareness and purchase

Fig4: Social ecommerce with Facebook.

Eighty-three percent of online shoppers said they are interested in sharing information about their purchases with people they know, while 74 percent are influenced by the opinions of others in their decision to buy the product in the first place. (Manage Smarter, September 2009)

69% of Moms are likely to purchase a product based on what was heard through their online social network. (emarketer, 2010)

In the near future we will no longer search for products and services they will find us via social media. (Opinion from Socialnomics, August 2009)

e. I have a Facebook fan page, why to use GoodBuzz?

A recent ComScore Report discovered that the Facebook Newsfeed is the primary location where branded content is consumed. Users are 40-150 times more likely to consume branded content in the Newsfeed than to visit the Fan Page itself.

Unfortunately, only a tiny fragment (2.5% or less) of what a brand posts on a fan page reaches its fans' newsfeed or profile page.

Fig5: Where users spent time on Facebook

To get fast and better results, advertisers need to focus on the News feeds, and that's where GoodBuzz step in with maximum efficiency.

f. I can share my own messages, why to use Goodbuzz?

43% of Facebook users who "unlike" or hide a brand do so because of too much marketing into their newsfeed. 41% of users who have unfollowed a brand on Twitter did so because they were over-marketed to ExactTarget

You are not always the best person to push your message. Let people to it for you. First, they market you to themselves, then they market you to their friends. A Double win.

Fig6: Who is influential with people on social medias

7. You are safe with GoodBuzz, Your brand too

It's your content that is shared, augmented with the social graph. Nothing more, nothing less. You want to be in control, you still are in control with GoodBuzz.

8. What works best?

Entertainment and education products perform very well. Also products that are mainstream (or could become mainstream), products that could be consumed or delivered worldwide do well too.

As most promotions are shared through social medias, we found out that the following list of products sold locally or worldwide work well:

  • Clothing, Accessories, Shoes
  • Art, handcrafts
  • Jewelry
  • Edibles, recipes
  • Housewares
  • Toys, Games
  • Health & Beauty
  • Music, Film & Video
  • Books & Magazines
  • Petitions, Political campaigns,
  • Nonprofits campaigns
  • Science & New Technology
  • Business name
  • Photo contests:

In fact, spreading news and promotions inside the above categories is perceived as adding value to the conversation on social medias, not spamming or pushing advertising.

9. What motivates people to share or click?

On social medias, like in real life, people think first about themselves. New products, special offers, gifts, coupons, educational or entertaining contents motivate people to share or click trough. (It's worth reading this research paper from the New York Times on "Why people share")

For better results, wrap intelligently your promotion in a copy that feature something new, educational, humoristic, entertaining, a deal, a gift, a special offer, etc.

How do you track promotions?

Catchy and factual title performs better.

Choose a cool image to illustrate your promotion. Great image results in lots of clicks

Short paragraphs written in plain language, with limited verbose performs much better.

Write like if you were speaking to friends. Insert images, or link to videos, music.

Before people will trust you, and share you message, you might consider to answer immediately and convincingly the following 2 questions in the first sentences of your promotion description:

Who I am? (Like when you meet new people, the first thing you do is to present yourself, isn't it?)

Why I am here? (The second thing you are likely to say, when you meet new people, is why you are here, isn't it? Tell people why you are doing this promotion, and why they should care about what you are doing. Get it?)

11. How much to tip?');?>

There's no free lunch. A good incentive will take you long way

Also, starting with a good tip/Prize helps your campaign grab immediately attention of participants and it will be well positioned on the promotions marketplace.

12. How to get more supporters to spread your message?

The magic sauce here is a combination of what you have to promote and the story you tell people in your copy.

A promotion bundled with a deal, gift, special offer works better. Also, a humanly told story about you or your product has a great power to start conversation and spread well.

People spread what they love. Take a little bit time to tell your story and provide people with something they will feel smart sharing.

13. How to work with affiliates?

Affiliates are made of people and companies with websites which are influential in a niche (book, jewelry, movies, IT, Politics, travel, marketing, etc.).

As advertiser, you can browse the list of affiliate and buy distribution package directly from Goodbuzz. 

15. How to work with independent networks?

Independent networks are made of people who are influential in a niche (book, jewelry, movies, IT, etc.) or people interested in some topics (Politics, travel, marketing, etc.).

There are many vertical networks, which have some policies and rules: they could be local, focused on a very specific interest, or request a minimum tip per campaign to spread advertisers' promotions.

As advertiser, you can browse the list of networks and send your promotion to the members to consider. You should read carefully the networks description, before sending your promotion. You don't want to ruin your reputation.

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