Goodbuzz is the World Biggest Play Marketing solutions provider with more than 200 native game mechanics plugin for brands to accelerate word of mouth online and offline.

We invented the “play format” which is a brand new advertising format for publishers and advertisers.  People love games.  So we asked ourselves, Why not use games to make advertising more fun?

We want advertising to respect people. And, GoodBuzz success comes from our unique insight into human nature, and our stance that social marketing has its own dynamics, and should not be wrapped in the old marketing clothes.

The basic concept is to put the power of games into the service of marketing and advertising to deliver better marketing results faster for advertisers.

Whether you're an online merchant, a beauty shop, a publisher, an entrepreneur, or a nonprofit organization -- if you want the maximum of people to know about your work, Play marketing could be the right solution for you.

Goodbuzz is easy to use, safe for brands, affordable, and delivers better marketing results faster. When traditional methods have failed you, give GoodBuzz a try!


At a deepest level, our mission is to preserve and advocate the belief that “We are on earth to serve each other”. And, we envisioned a future where our tools make each individual on earth an active and generous sponsor of the success of others.

We are a limited company, registered in Vilnius, Lithuania under company number 302695176 and have our office at Gelezinkelio g. 3-14A, Lithuania.

You can contact us by the following means:

  • USA, Palo Alto
  • +1 650 681 9805
  • LT, Vilnius
  • +370 69 21 30 25